T-Seniority in Regione Toscana

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05/01/2011: T-Seniority in Regione Toscana

T-Seniority is an innovative ICT solution, placed in areas of public interest that directly addresses the major issues in ICT i2010 in 2007, focusing especially on ICT for accessibility, aging and social integration, strengthening both the European and national initiatives.

Today, the skills, content and ICT services are a growing part of the economy and society, and T-Seniority contributes to an Inclusive European Information Society and to enable sustainable development which focuses on improving the quality of public service and of citizens’ life, fully in line with EU i2010 strategic framework.

The use of ICT in business is usually directed towards the private sector. However it is an urgent need that public policies create the conditions for business development. In the context of T-Seniority, public intervention is still necessary to increase awareness of the benefits of ICT to promote innovation in ICT products and services and to stimulate their development better. However, despite the advancement of the ICT sector in Europe the efforts in terms of exploitation of e-services like T-Seniority allowing a wide variety of technology choices, are not enough. After infrastructure is settled, content of interest easily accessible to all is needed, otherwise, infrastructure investments will be useless.

Click here to see our DTT-MHP T-Seniority video (in Italian)


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