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1 Is it possible to copy one pilot/case configuration to another? Administrator 6067
2 T-Seniority Icons size Administrator 6832
3 Is it possible to skip the login-password for an end-user profile? Administrator 7039
4 When using T-Seniority Services, which are the best devices for elders ? Administrator 6514
5 Will T-Seniority include avatars in a future? Administrator 6557
6 Do I need to know how to use a PC for using T-Seniority? Administrator 6363
7 What do I need for using T-Seniority? Administrator 6272
8 Is T-Seniority accesible for any type of dependent people? Administrator 6805
9 Who can use T-Seniority? Administrator 6644
10 Who are T-Seniority users? Administrator 6345
11 What is T-Seniority? Administrator 6095
12 How can I become involved? Administrator 6301
13 What is the second wave? Administrator 6118
14 Is it possible to add gym exercises at T-Seniority platform? Administrator 6155