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T-Seniority objective is to significantly improve quality of life and ensure efficient health and social care for the ageing population by specifying and demonstrating innovative ICT enabled products and services.


The proposal is based in the integration of digital services addressed to elders and info-marginated audiences that will be accessed by TV channels and where the important segment of people already acquainted with the TV remote control can be included in the digital society and benefit from it.


T-Seniority main target is a “user-centric” integration of services throughout TV, especially assistance programs (including trans-borders services) for disadvantaged social groups, focusing mainly in older people and “early stages of getting older” people, to cover a diverse range of care needs in a wide range of service modalities (home care, tele-assistance, mobile telecom services, tele-alarms, nursing services….).


It is a new service provision model that will use digital TV as the most widely available and preferred channel for info-marginated sectors, helping to reach difficult-to-reach audiences, such as “disabled people getting older”, who may have less access to other forms of digital technology, improving current situation and affording the demands of a growing elderly population.


Digital inclusion is, therefore, social inclusion with an ICT TV stream.


It emphasises the digital inclusion through TV in Prevention and Early Action side of the Social Care, in order to avoid undesirable situations or to correct them at the shortest time. According to this, is a set of integrated care e-Service throughout TV oriented towards the Elders (and/or dependent people), and their Informal Carers. Informal Carers play an important part in the lives of many elderly people. supports these carers as well as the sufferers themselves, because, in many cases they are also info-marginated.